Your address, email and phone number are private information and will not be displayed publicly. Furthermore, Vibrerlocal does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer information about its members to third parties.

One of the goals of Vibrerlocal is to provide tools that invite local action and change. That's why we developed a geolocation system that allows you to enter your address information and be grouped by neighborhood, city, province/region and country. And only this grouping is visible to the members of the platform. From this geographical point, you will be able to easily find out what is going on around you.
The Vibrerlocal platform is managed by a non-profit association registered in Beckerich, Luxembourg. It does not market or sell your personal data.

To operate the platform and make it evolve, it relies on donations and grants it may receive.

We do not ask for any financial contribution from you to use the platform. However, if you want to support our action and the values we hold, an option is available in the site allowing you to consult at any time your usage from month to month and also the financial situation of the association. This is to help you, if you wish, to make a donation within your means and your needs.

On behalf of the entire Vibrerlocal team, we thank you warmly for your presence and your support
This website is not just a social network in the strict sense of the word. It offers a set of tools, often to be paid, gathered under the same platform (meetings, project management, video-conference, etc.)!

We thought long and hard to find the best way to finance the different activities of Vibrerlocal (research, development, maintenance). The site is now managed by a non-profit association, so we suggest you to make a donation or not (as you wish) according to your monthly use and the needs of Vibrerlocal.

Moreover, the most famous social networks known to be " free " in fact allow you to enter your data for free to convert them into marketing/advertising products and resell them to third parties, which is contrary to our ethics and our Values. Some sites "control" through elaborate algorithms what you are able to see or share. And if you want to reach more people, you are then asked to pay for this service (for amounts that far exceed the average annual donation of a Vibrerlocal member).

Vibrerlocal offers you tools to organize your research and the information you are interested in according to your needs, without any form of control on our part!!!

We make sure that all the information you enter is useful to YOU and to the COLLECTIVITY.

As a reminder, we ask for your address so that we can group you in a district, town, village and thus propose members, interests, projects, meetings, etc. as close to you as possible. The more precise the address, the more relevant the proposals will be.

If you don't feel comfortable entering your exact address, enter an address that is at least in the same neighborhood or village.

Vibrerlocal uses Google map information to geo-locate members, projects, ideas, etc. This means that we use the information that Google map offers to retrieve the coordinates of the addresses that it has and then copy them into our database. Google map does not have access to the data stored in Vibrerlocal.
So when you enter your address e.g. for your profile, the platform searches the Google map database by street number, street name, city, etc., and offers you matching addresses. Sometimes the address is not found at first and Vibrerlocal offers you to choose from a list of suggestions that most closely resembles your proposal. Choose the one that most closely matches or review your entry.

🤔 If the address is not found at all, it may be for the following reasons.

  • The street address differs too much from what exists in Google map, e.g. incomplete street name, typos, etc. 👉 verify.
  • The address refers to a too specific type of place (institution, museum, etc.) different from the expected type of address which is rather a residence, a business, etc. 👉 Also verify.
  • The street number of the house is not recognized 👉 confirm it anyway or put another one closer to you.

If you still can't enter your address, contact us.
Once you have entered your first name, last name, email address and password, you are asked to validate your email address.

An activation email will be sent to the address you provided within a few minutes.

👉 If it does not appear in your mailbox, it is most likely filed as SPAM or junk mail - check. Or an error may have been made when you originally entered the address.

Contact us, if the problem persists

Once logged in, simply go to the left hand menu (Profile), select the "Settings" option and then "Preferences".

There you will find the choice of languages available, select the one you want and click on the "Save" button. 

When you initiate the creation of an idea, project, need or meeting, the status is automatically set to "draft". This means that only you, the author, and the members to whom you have given access rights on the idea, project, etc. in question (Settings/Access) will be able to see and modify it. 

To make them visible to all members, it is necessary to publish them by accessing the tab (Settings/Status), clicking on the "Published" option and then on the "Save" button. Only the author and members with "Admin" rights can change the status.

For your information, the status changes automatically after a certain number of days (defined in the "Settings/Filing" tab) if no member ever consults the idea, project, need or meeting in question (you will be notified of this status change). You can republish them by changing the status (Settings/Status).

Please note that once published, the idea, project, etc. cannot be put back into draft mode.

Please note that the numbers shown on the homepage for projects, ideas, needs or meetings may differ from the results displayed on the Site in the search engines (Collective menu).

This is because these statistics take into account projects, ideas, etc. that have been initiated in Vibrerlocal, i.e. they may have different statuses (draft, published, archived) and therefore are not necessarily publicly visible. This explains why the statistics displayed are often higher.

If at first you feel a bit lost, well that's "normal" 

Vibrerlocal is a very complete platform with a lot of features and like all new things it takes a little time to get used to it. It is also for these reasons that we are setting up different non-profit associations in the different regions where Vibrerlocal is deployed to support the users as closely as possible. However, experience shows that once they have started, members quickly find behaviours from other social networks or platforms and get used to them very quickly.

Now, we advise you to watch this short video (in french, english subtitle) which should help you to better navigate in Vibrerlocal.

For the moment Vibrerlocal has been developed as a so-called "responsive" site, ie it adapts to different technological media (pc, tablet, mobile phone). It is optimized first for pcs and tablets and we plan to gradually migrate it to an "application" format depending on user interest and available budget.
Vibrerlocal is committed to the security of your data! The platform offers you the possibility to verify your identity by sending you an authentication code on the mobile phone of your choice. Once the option is activated, when you will have to connect again on the site for example, a 6 digit code will be sent to you that you will have to enter in addition to your usual password.

To set up and activate this option, once you are logged in, go to the left menu in the Settings/Authentication* section and follow the instructions.

(* this option is currently being tested and will be available depending on the country)
The "VIBRERLOCAL" platform is managed by a non-profit association. If you want to support us financially, we invite you to make a donation to this bank account. With all our gratitude, thank you!

To: VIBRERLOCAL ASBL, 6 rue Jos Seyler Stross, L-8522 Beckerich
IBAN : LU33 0019 5855 4653 5000

Once connected, you can also use an option allowing you to make a donation directly with your credit card via a secure form provided for this purpose.
It's very simple, just move the mouse over the current photo, then click on the grey area that appears to change your photo. It's the same process to change the background image. As a reminder, you can manage your images in the section provided for this purpose (Settings/Images).
Information related to your professional or associative activities.
When you define an idea in Vibrerlocal, it is not yet certain that it will be realised. You are actually proposing something that needs to grow and evolve!

Experience shows that people are sometimes too quick to put their ideas into practice. They don't take the time or have the means to get feedback from the community and make sure that the idea meets their real needs and values. Nor do you have to be the one to implement it.

So proposing an idea is really the first stage of introspection, once it becomes mature and people are really ready to commit to implementing it, it moves into a project mode.
Vibrerlocal is a site that, contrary to our current paradigm of withdrawal and competition, invites openness, collaboration and true sharing. Ideas or projects shared on Vibrerlocal invite the community to challenge or support them through real-world encounters, creating a powerful force for action, local sharing and belonging. The idea or project becomes the "baby" of several people who are committed to mobilising in order to implement it. Thus, if someone "steals" this idea and tries to set it up as well, this will quickly become known and from the outset its implementation will be hindered by its future users or beneficiaries.
Moreover, experience shows that having a great idea is not enough, it really requires a will, co-organisation capacities or means to implement it. In other words, it is not a foregone conclusion 

Now, if you don't feel comfortable sharing your idea or project in Vibrerlocal, you can first save it as a draft for as long as you feel necessary.
We have voluntarily limited the number of participants in a conversation and the length of messages for various reasons.

The purpose of this messaging system is to allow you to easily get in touch with one or another member and to quickly communicate some news with them.

It is not intended to create discussion groups, as there are many other tools better suited to do this, such as starting a project, publishing an idea, organizing a meeting, etc.

Moreover, these limitations prevent some members from using the messaging system to promote and sell products/services to too many people.
If you are having trouble with your camera or microphone, please check your browser's security settings.
Here you can find the list of information that can be saved on the site. You can export your data at any time in the "Settings/Your data" menu.

Information about your profile

Contains information about your profile: Name, first name, titles, sectors of activity, description, email, address, images, preferences and cookies.

Members (Searches)

List of your saved searches related to members.


List of your conversations and their messages, list of blocked members and notification preferences.


List of your interests and details, those you have been offered or sent to members, blocked members and your preferences.

Knowing oneself

Your criteria of appreciation on a personal level, in relation to the socioeconomic sectors that surround you or in relation to your interests. Your logbook.

Local news

The local news you have published, your comments, your ratings or blocked members.

Your professional or associative activities

Information related to the description of your professional or associative activities.


List of your needs, their descriptions, images, videos, documents, comments, if they have been duplicated or list of blocked members. The needs you follow and the corresponding searches you have recorded.


List of your proposals/ideas, their descriptions, images, videos, documents, ratings, comments, whether they have been duplicated or list of members blocked. The ideas you are following and the corresponding searches you have saved.


List of your projects, their descriptions, images, videos, documents, ratings, comments, if they have been duplicated or list of blocked members. The projects you follow and the corresponding searches you have saved.


List of your tasks, their descriptions, documents or comments.


Your meetings, descriptions, pictures, videos, comments, participants, communications. List of your meetings, their descriptions, images, videos, documents, ratings, comments, if they have been duplicated or list of blocked members. Your sent or received invitations. The meetings you follow and the corresponding searches you have saved.

Vibrerlocal online meetings

List of online meetings that you have organized or participated in and the messages that have been exchanged.

Company, Association, Group Profile, etc.

List of company profiles, associations or groups you have created and the corresponding searches you have recorded.


Your transactions related to VIBZ


List of the feedback you have sent to the site.


List of reports you have sent or received.


List of the donations you made to VIBRERLOCAL ASBL

📩 For more information, contact Laurent Roussel :
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